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Why families Love Us!

  • Jessica Waldock

    My 8 year old daughter is obsessed with all things animals. She is an aspiring veterinarian. The My ZOO Box is the perfect subscription for her. It allows her to learn more about an animal each month while also practicing "caring for" her new friend that arrives. I love that what comes in the box is quality materials and not junk. I also love that for the most part everything can be used independently and requires very little help from me. My ZOO Box is perfect for any child who loves animals! 

  • Amanda Walls

    Love our Zoo Boxes!

    I ordered my 3 year old son’s first Zoo Box at the beginning of the COVID pandemic when we were stuck at home. It was a surprise for him and he was absolutely thrilled when he received his panda box. The boxes are jammed packed with amazing items and are very educational. I am an animal lover and also a teacher and I approve 100%!

  • Megan Baseley

    July 2020 is our second month and my kids love it! My kids are ages 3 and 6. We did the first science project and plan to do this month's project as well. We love the books that come with each months box. This month we plan to make the recipe! If you are looking for something to help your kiddos have fun and learn, look no further, this is it! So many options to make sure you get just what you need for your little zoologists! 

  • Shannon Dault

    Best Subscription Box

    We LOVED getting a zoo box! My little one is a shark lover so when we found out that was the creature of the month I had to jump on it! Customer service is SO amazing! I was able to personal message back and forth about our Box and she even made sure we didn’t get a book we already had in our collection! I am so happy with our purchase!!

  • Kim Williams

    Little box but HUGE outcome!

    Love the box and its content. I can tell that it is packed with love, The box is for my 7 year old son who loves animals, His 3 older sisters 11, 18, and 18, and myself also love seeing what is inside. We enjoy the special baking recipe that is included. Everything is very good quality and worth the money and the wait.

  • Savannah Ruyle

    We LOVE our zoo box!! 

    We have gotten other things but nothing is as cute unique and FUN as this box!!! We received the owl box and my son spent an hour looking through the owl pellet!! Asked questions about the bones trying to figure out what animal it was, he is 7. That’s a long time to keep him engaged!!! LOVE THIS BOX!!

  • Meghan Wilmoth

    We just started our ZOO Box subscription this month. The quality of the items was amazing. We are a homeschooling family. We use the animal of the month as our science focus. My kiddos love the book that comes with. 

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Why Choose My ZOO Box?

Learning is FUN with My ZOO Box! Each month a new animal will fly, swim, float, or stomp through your door. From the smallest of birds, the bee hummingbird, to the largest of mammals, the blue whale, your child will develop a deep connection to the wonders of the world in which they live through exposure and inquiry.


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