My ZOO Box

The BEST zoology exploration subscription for kids!

Bring the amazing world of animals home to explore!


Order your first zoology exploration!

We offer a month-to-month, 3 month prepaid, 6 month prepaid, and a one time gift option to meet the needs of every family and budget.  

It's on the way!

All orders go out the 1st week of the month. If you place your order by the 20th of the month then you will receive the next month's box. 

Learn and have FUN!

Enjoy learning all about that month's animal and go explore outdoors and find new animals to observe! Share on social media with #zooboxfun for the chance to win a bonus item in your next month's box!

Why Choose My ZOO Box?

Learning is FUN with My ZOO Box! Each month a new animal will fly, swim, float, or stomp through your door. From the smallest of birds, the bee hummingbird, to the largest of mammals, the blue whale, your child will develop a deep connection to the wonders of the world in which they live through exposure and inquiry.


Let the wild adventure begin!

What's Included in Each Adventure?

*An Animal Friend

*A Book

*An Art or Science Activity 

  (All supplies included!)

*A Post Card

*A Recipe

*A Stamp or Sticker for 

  their Zoo Passport

*A Special Surprise


**A passport will be included in their first box