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Inspiring young animal enthusiasts!

Exciting and enriching science, art, animal learning, world culture, and FUN delivered!

"My daughter is 4.5. We both REALLY liked My Zoo Box! There were lots of things we could do and talk about together (the book, the art activity, etc) but--LOTS of things my daughter could do and play with on her own!! Anything that gives this mom a few minutes to myself is welcome, and my daughter played with the Koala toy and other items for QUITE a while! Of all the boxes we've tried, I think this one put the most thought into what an actual child would do and enjoy, and not just what they could put together most cheaply. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone whose child is interested in animals!"

Why Choose My ZOO Box?

Learning is FUN with My ZOO Box! Each month a new animal will fly, swim, float, or stomp through your door. From the smallest of birds, the bee hummingbird, to the largest of mammals, the blue whale, your child will develop a deep connection to the wonders of the world in which they live through exposure and inquiry.


Let the wild adventure begin!

"She loved this box full of goodies. Cute animal toy (KOALA), recipe (honey Joys, look it up....it's amazingly delicious), super fun Koala socks, passport with animal sticker, art project and more. Looking forward to the next zoo box to arrive!"

What's Included in Each Adventure?


Your little zoologist is going to jump like a kangaroo each month when they discover their new animal friend! Some months they will get a soft stuffed animal they can cuddle with and explore the world through books together. While others they will receive an animal figurine that loves to explore with them outside in the mud and muck (or snow and ice for our polar friends). 


Journey to the far reaches of the world through the wonder of books. Each month they will receive a book that tells them all about a new animal. They will discover why a giraffe's tongue is black and why an owl can turn it's head so far around. Each new discovery will spark a true love of learning for years to come. 


Watch your little scientist have a blast putting a blubber covered hand in a bowl of ice water to discover how arctic animals stay warm. Discover wonder together as they learn about the scientific method when they hypothesize what the owl ate and then share their results with you and their friends. Art is a looking glass into other cultures. See the love they develop for others as they explore art styles from different cultures around the world and learn to see the world through another's perspective. 


Delight in the joy your little zoologist has each month as our featured animal writes to them like a pen pal sharing their life. Bringing the heart of conservation right into your living room as they develop a relationship with the natural world. 


Each month enjoy a journey across the world, from your own kitchen. A kid friendly recipe from the country our featured animal is from is included in each box. So much learning and love goes into making food together. Every recipe is taste tested to ensure it is the most scrumptious snack. So turn on some dancing music and make memories together! 


Give the gift of an exciting world safari each month as your little zoologist gets travel from the deepest depths of the ocean to the highest mountain peak to discover new animals. Then they get the coolest sticker to commemorate the fun they have had with their new animal friend! They receive an animal passport to document their journey in their very first box.  


Everyone loves getting surprises, especially kids! Every box includes a fun surprise for your little zoologist to discover. What will the surprise be this month: a hand drum straight from Africa to encourage cultural studies, comfortable funky animal socks so even their toes are covered with creatures, or binoculars for them to discover new animals right in their own backyard? No matter what it is, it is sure to be one of their favorite parts of their box!   


Want to expand learning beyond the box but don't have the time? We have made it easy! We include show suggestions, bonus activities, a detailed pinterest board, vetted youtube playlist, book recommendations, along with other tidbits about how to use the box to spark your child's curiosity and learning. 

MINI ZOO subscription includes animal friend, book, postcard, passport* and animal sticker. Passport included in first shipment. 

"Andy loved the socks the most and I loved that there were 2 different educational books. The STEM art project was creative and fun. It was great to have a passport, a fun postcard, and a recipe!"


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We offer a month-to-month, 3 month prepaid, 6 month prepaid, and a one time gift option to meet the needs of every family and budget.  

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All orders go out the 1st week of the month. If you place your order by the 15th of the month then you will receive the next month's box. 

Learn and have FUN!

Enjoy learning all about that month's animal and go explore outdoors and find new animals to observe! Share on social media with #zooboxfun for the chance to win a bonus item in your next month's box!


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