Hi! I'm Gracelyn and that is my mom, Sara, and we are the team behind My ZOO Box. The inspiration for My ZOO Box started with my love of all animals and desire to know EVERYTHING about them. I asked my mom for an animal box for my 5th birthday. Mom said she looked really hard but there was no animal box. How could that be? I thought about it for a minute and asked her to make me one and we could share it with other kids! And with that My ZOO Box was created. Mom calls me the CEO which really means I am in charge and make almost all the decisions. I love choosing which animal we are going to cover and helping mom design everything. My favorite part is being the box tester and ensuring that each item is tons of FUN! We are excited to share the wonderful world of animals with your little zoologist and hope they enjoy each adventure as much as we do!